Sunday, April 20, 2014 
About Us

Reed Incorporated is a medium-sized business headquartered in Northern Virginia, USA, and established in March of 2003. The company is structured to manage and service multiple projects worldwide and has successfully delivered a comprehensive array of services to a diverse client base in precarious and difficult environments.

Our U.S. based Executive Management team oversees all operations, with highly qualified management staff assigned to each country of operations. Reed’s international system of support functions is geared to facilitate the rapid deployment of proficient and job-specific personnel and equipment wherever a contract/work order calls for assistance.

Reed’s substantial operational capability is supported by a comprehensive management, training, communications, logistical, technical, intelligence, and operational corps of experienced professionals. Our diverse security, training, and logistics portfolio and specialized divisions ensure that each project is supplied with all the resources and expertise required for its successful completion.

Reed is a professional and highly experienced company with an in-depth understanding of cross-cultural environments, enabling diplomatic relations with host country nationals.

We are a well respected company of integrity, consistently treating clients, citizens of the host country, and our own personnel with respect.

Reed is known for our transparency and proven administrative control; we have been through five successful U.S. Government DCAA audits where no costs have been questioned, and we have received accolades by DCAA for our efficiency, responsiveness, and administrative organization.

We are highly flexible and experienced with regards to change management, consistently adapting our operations to the current, ever-changing conditions.

Reed’s top executives pride themselves on a hands-on management style which lends itself to quick decision making.

Our highly qualified and professional Senior Management team, enhanced by exceptional program leaders, boasts a wealth of international experience, including executing and managing projects effectively in security, training, logistics, construction, technical support, risk management, and contingency planning in locations around the world, including substantial work in developing nations.

Possessing a noteworthy work ethic, our leaders add to a vast amount of operational command and control experience from the highly trained professionals in Reed’s employ, down to each individual specialist. The quality of our staff and a management team who fosters initiative and creativity on all levels of decision making, leads to effective and efficient operations.

Reed is highly experienced and has had successful operations in the Middle East for over five years; we have also recently opened offices in Afghanistan and Africa (Southern Sudan and Uganda). We are highly staffed with South African personnel, many of whom developed their corporate and trade skills by means of establishing various business and liaison connections within the continent of Africa.

Reed has also been able to vet and handpick supportive Local Nationals (LN) who supply us with much needed, valuable information for operational planning purposes. They also provide Reed with a great deal of flexibility under pressure in support tasks, reconnaissance, and risk assessments.

Reed’s corporate and individual professional experience covers the USA, Southern Africa, West Africa, East Africa, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe.
Please contact Reed directly for more information about our professional staff and their backgrounds.

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