Saturday, April 19, 2014 

Reed has been operating in Iraq since 2003 and has completed over 9,300 personal security missions. 16,900 clients have been successfully moved over a distance of 2 million kilometers. Although Reed has incurred 48 insurgent attacks, no clients have been injured or killed.
Reed, Inc. is a highly experienced security contractor, respected by our peers and clients alike, as well as the Afghan, Iraqi, Southern Sudanese, and Ugandan governments and their people. We provide quality security services for numerous clients, contractors, and business men, humanitarian projects, and post war reconstruction efforts in high-risk countries and situations.

Reed, Inc. PSD teams and Static Guard personnel operating under the current contracts are experienced in transporting and protecting clients. Reed follows a stringent system of procedures for the preparation of each mission to ensure that risks are minimized. We have served a number of clients and have one of the best safety records in Iraq, proven after transporting almost 17,000 principals over 2 million km in hostile situations. Reed has deployed to every corner of Iraq and recently in Africa and has transitioned into contracts large and small with the flexibility and knowledge to make seamless and safe changes.

Our contracts have varied in magnitude and the places of performance have included the whole country of Iraq. The personnel we have recruited and the tremendous experience that Reed has gained during these contracts have equipped and positioned us to deliver security services of the highest standard in support of operations worldwide. Our security personnel have proven highly capable of protecting client personnel and assets under difficult circumstances and on various terrains with the top of the line equipment and communication.

Reed, Inc. is privileged to have available a number of staff (including a Sudanese partner) who are not only versed in conducting business worldwide, but also in Africa and specifically East Africa.

Our Security Services

Personal Security Details (PSD), Close Protection, and Extensive Training of Security Personnel
Reed has successfully protected various clients doing reconstruction work in Iraq for the past four years. We have over 150 specially trained PSD operatives working in teams of eight people and upward with fully equipped up- armored and fully armored vehicles, enabling our clients to perform their work in a highly dangerous environment. We have successfully navigated our clients through numerous well planned ambushes and improvised explosive devices set off by the enemy without any injured clients. Our teams are equipped with the top of the line equipment and communications, allowing them to carry out their tasks in the most dangerous of environments.

Facility Protection/Static Guards as well as Security Guard Training
Reed Inc has facilitated the training and deployment of 1,500 Iraqi Facility Protection Services guards (FPS) at 32 sites Iraq-wide.  We have provided Static Guard services in Iraq since 2004 and are primed to provide these services in Afghanistan and Africa.

Convoy Protection
Reed offers protection services for small and large convoys. We have successfully traveled thousands of miles in various areas of Iraq protecting high value convoys of equipment, making use of a combination of LN’s and expat security specialists.

K-9 Security (Explosive Detection Dog Teams), Patrol Teams, and Mine Clearing
Reed has five teams of dogs and handlers in Baghdad specifically qualified to detect explosives. Reed also has a team of highly qualified and experienced personnel in the mine lifting and clearing arena with the use of canines.  Reed offers these services in conjunction with our teaming partner, Mechem (Pty) Ltd, a world leader in the detection of contraband. Mechem has successfully completed numerous contracts with the United Nations and other implementing partners in various regions of the world, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Angola, Mozambique, DRC, Eritrea, and Sudan and is registered with UNOPS as a commercial demining company.

Threat Assessments
Reed has been responsible for the threat assessment and protection of over 30 sites throughout Iraq. We have also performed area and city threat assessments for international clients interested in doing business in Iraq.

Asset Security
Reed offers Asset Security services. Reed managed the protection of all the assets, valued at well over US$100 M for the Iraqi Media Network Program. 

Post Conflict Reconstruction and Humanitarian Aid Security Services
Reed offers full-service security for the close personal protection of project personnel, the transportation and stationary protection of assets, and the securing of buildings, office space, and lodging globally.

Our Approach

Reed draws on highly qualified, and highly skilled, former military Special Forces and law enforcement officers. They are ideally suited and equipped for the protection of personnel, as well as their assets, who are involved in business, humanitarian projects, and infrastructural support tasks in post-conflict reconstruction efforts around the world.

Skills and tactics are adaptable to threats anywhere in the world and surpass what is required to mitigate threats in Iraq, Afghanistan, and in Africa, specifically including Southern Sudan.

Our personnel have a long history of working in high-risk areas and in cross-cultural environments world-wide. Our security operators go through a stringent selection process and are normally referred to us by members of our team. We screen our security specialists to ensure that they are sensitive to the conditions and wide cultural environment in which we operate.

We base our security on a low or high profile approach dependent upon which approach maximizes the security of our clientele.
Reed, Inc. is a legally registered security provider in Iraq and complies with the latest Ministry of Interior (MOI) legislation requirements. Mission planning, weapon and ammunition control, weapon and shooting proficiency requirements and the prescribed rules for use of force are adhered to, declared, certified and archived to also comply with US CENTCOM rules and requirements.
Security Contracts in Iraq

Security Actions in Support of the Prime Contractor on the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) Project have included:
  • 5 Close Personal Protection teams (8 Expats per team) to all contractors to the IMN;
  • Protection of IMN equipment;
  • Coordination of the security activities for the efficient establishment and maintenance of the necessary infrastructure and capabilities of Iraqi Media Network (“IMN”) sites;
  • Management and Supervision  of the security activities;
  • Armed close personal protection of all contracting personnel as required to carry out their tasks;
  • Armed protection of IMN equipment in transit;
  • Daily briefings on security matters;
  • Security assessments of sites and facilities;
  • Threat assessments; and
  • Training of Iraqi security specialists in all aspects of protection services.
Security Actions in Support of Prime Contractors for Electricity and Water Reconstruction:
  • Reed has supplied 9 PSD teams (around 100 expat personal security specialists) for close personal protection of contracting personnel;
  • 180 TCN and LN static guards for the security of contractor facilities;
  • Two IED, explosive seeking dog and handler teams.
Security Actions in Support of Non-Profit Organizations under USAID:
  • Reed has supplied 3 PSD teams (20 expat personal security specialists) under USAID contracts;
  • 32 third country national static security guards;
  • Security management of all aspects of the program.
Security Actions in Support of the Iraq Ministry of Interior (MOI):
  • Project Management;
  • Evaluations of perimeter security measures;
  • Mentoring, as well as supervisory training and evaluation, at the three ECPs and the Ghalaini gate;
  • Quick Reaction Force;
  • Explosive detection/patrol dog teams for duties at ECP’s and crown control, respectively;
  • Formal training courses capable of handling up to 50 trainees per course. Five or more recurring courses on ECP layout and conduct, as well as general combat readiness.