Construction Management

Reed’s has over ten years of construction and construction management in harsh and often hostile environments at camps and mining operations in outlying areas of Iraq, Afghanistan, South Africa, Botswana, Angola, and West African countries.


Our demonstrated areas of construction expertise include:

  • Design, Construction, and Maintenance of Man-camps and Life Support Areas including Sleeping accommodations, Kitchen and Dining areas, Water Processing, Generators, Power Cabling, Ablutions and plumbing, Sewage Processing Facilities, Recreation Centers, and Offices.
  • Design, Construction, and Maintenance of Security Structures such as T-Walls, Fences, Entry Control Points (including personnel, package, and vehicle scanners), Guard Towers, CCTV Equipment, Overhead Protection, Bunkers, Armories, and moats.
  • Reconstruction of damaged buildings, roads, towers, , and power infrastructure (power lines, relay stations, etc.)
  • Refurbishment and improvement of office buildings, walls, security structures, life support facilities, power structures, , roads, communications towers, and power lines.
  • The diverse backgrounds, experience, and skill sets of Reed’s management staff have enabled Reed to establish a track record of projects completing on time and within budget. Reed’s capabilities offer the flexibility to assist with a wide range of construction tasks and management.

Our Construction services include:

The key to our successful completion of construction projects is based on our commitment to construction planning, project management, logistics management, and solid field supervision.

  • Planning:
    • Development of schedules,
    • Equipment and materials requirements,
    • Manpower requirements
  • Project Management:
    • Coordinating and controlling all the site activities
    • Coordinating specialty contractors
    • Financial planning and cost controlling and reporting
    • Interaction with architects and engineers
    • Gathering and evaluating bids
    • Engineering solutions and quick adaptation to design changes
  • Construction Logistics
    • Air and Ground Shipping
    • Importation and Usage Permits
    • Warehousing
    • Schedule Management
  • Staffing, Implementation, and Field Supervision
    • Recruitment of necessary workforce
    • Daily management of workforce
    • Execution of Work Plan