Reed offers a full suite of mine clearing services by highly trained and adept mine clearing specialists. We maintain the highest international standards of safety, discipline, and training of our personnel in support of our mine clearing operations.

We coordinate closely with local governmental branches, municipalities and clients throughout the mine clearing operation to create specialized and safe demining. By utilizing a combination of disciplines we are able to provide comprehensive demining services.

1064526Our Demining services include:

  • Manual Demining
  • Mechanized Demining
  • Mine Protected Vehicles (MPV) Mounted Demining
  • K9 Demining with Explosive Detection Dogs
  • Explosive Ordinance Disposal

Reed has a team of highly qualified and experienced personnel in the mine lifting and clearing arena. The personnel have been working in the north of Iraq for five years doing mine clearing electronically and with the use of dogs. They have also worked in Angola and Southern Sudan. Most members have references from other companies that they have worked with before they joined Reed, Inc.

Reed operates a well-established and fully functional canine accommodation facility in Erbil, Kurdistan. All Reed working dogs have undergone a certified training program presented by a properly certified, licensed, industry-recognized dog kennel, school, or specialist dog trainer.