Life Support

Reed offers safe and secure turnkey solutions in Camp Management, Power and Water Operations and Maintenance, Catering, Housekeeping, Laundry, Sanitation, Pest Control, Manpower Supply, Security and Maintenance Services for remote locations and austere environments.

Life Support and Facility Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Services include:

  • Man Camp Construction and Management
  • Catering
  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Information Technology (IT) and Communications Support
  • Medical Clinics and Emergency Medical Services
  • Power Operations and Maintenance (Electrical and HVAC)
  • Fuel, Oil, and Lubrication Supply
  • Office Automation and Stationary
  • Water Management
  • Waste Removal
  • Vector Pest Control



Maximizing worker productivity begins with safe and comfortable life support, delicious and nutritious food, ample water and environmental controls (heat and AC), a clean and organized living environment, and adequate diversions and entertainment to maintain positive moral and a healthy mental attitude. Our Life Support Design, Operation, and Maintenance is focused around maximizing productivity and mission effectiveness. First we determine the demographics of the population to occupy the life support area (Expat, TCN, LN). Drawing upon our knowledge and experience procuring special food for the various cultures performing work in the Middle East and Africa and the composition of the workers to occupy the Life Support Area, we create a sliding scale of features with associated costs. We align this to client budget and determine the optimum features to maximize productivity within budget restrictions. Reed’s diverse experience in the Middle East and Africa building and managing a life support facilities of various types and sizes coupled with a robust supply network and transparent supply chain management enable Reed to devise custom solutions for custom requirements with maximum benefit and manageable costs.


Reed’s specialized construction capabilities include the ability to provide quick-response temporary and mobile Life Support facilities as well as long term and high-comfort facilities to maximize worker productivity. The services include all phases of design, construction, and operation including site survey, selection, and excavation; containerized and non-containerized building construction; potable water filtration and storage; plumbing, electrical, air conditioning, and generator construction; overhead protection, perimeter, and security construction; communications, Internet, entertainment, and satellite TV installation; exercise facilities; culturally appropriate dining; general cleaning, waste treatment, refuse and black water removal; garden maintenance, administrative and operations infrastructure staffing, emergency medical services (Tier II), transportation and evacuation services; business center and shipping services; all equipment maintenance; and full security capabilities.


Complete Solutions

All projects include Total Cost of Ownership calculations with build out costs, operations and maintenance, resource management, sustainment solutions, expansion analysis, environmental issues, threat assessment, security requirements, transportation issues, power issues, schedules, and contingencies, and dependencies. Reed uses a process of continuous improvement to maintain worker comfort, moral , and productivity.