Security and Risk Management

Reed is on the cutting edge of security and risk management in an ever-changing world where risks and threats emerge and evolve daily. Reed has more than a decade of security and risk management experience in hostile and austere environments. We offer services and solutions to support conflict and post-conflict reconstruction, critical infrastructure protection, and a safe environment for humanitarian work. Our ability to adapt, manage change, and to quickly and efficiently provide our clients with a turn-key security solution has earned us a reputation as a company which makes missions possible.


We provide a range of specialized security and risk management services and tactics which have been adapted to the particular needs of our clients to mitigate threats worldwide. This includes:

  • Threat Assessment Analysis: Our process of performing Threat Assessment Analysis utilizes a multi-tiered process to assess, track, and mitigate threats to mission security. This will assist the client to make an informed business decision with regards security and safety risks for buildings, infrastructure, materials, valuables and people. Our Threat Analysis and Risk Management system is robust and undergoes constant review and improvement based upon our worldwide information network and experience gained from each new mission.
  • Security Planning: Reed applies our knowledge of security solutions and operations to protect personnel and property from the threats and risks identified in the Threat Assessment Analysis
  • Security Construction: Reed has the resources and experience to construct the security structures, equipment, monitoring devices, and Life Support structures to implement a Security Plan.
  • Personal Security Detail (PSD): Reed’s PSD Teams utilize three or more B6 armored vehicles each equipped with transponders and communications equipment and staffed with trained, certified, and experienced armed guards with automatic weapons, body armor, and multi-lingual capabilities to safely transport personnel through hazardous areas.
  • Convoy Escort: Reed offers protection services for a variety of convoy configurations.
  • Close and Executive Protection: Reed provides Close and Executive Protection for diplomats, dignitaries, executives and corporate personnel. Our CP profile is adapted to the particular needs of the client (high or low profile).
  • Asset, Infrastructure and Facility Protection: Reed has deployed over 3000 facility protection guards at 55 sites worldwide to ensure the safety of personnel and the protection of client assets from damage, destruction, or theft.
  • Training: Reed’s interactive and performance-based training program has provided security, weapons, management, and leadership training to over 6,000 individuals at 55 sites worldwide.


Reed draws on highly qualified, and highly skilled, former military and law enforcement officers to lead security teams and provide training. They are ideally suited and equipped for the protection of personnel and assets in a wide variety circumstances and for a multitude of projects and businesses.

Since 2003 Reed has completed over 12,000 missions, repelled 63 insurgent attacks, and transported over 21,000 clients a cumulative total of 3 million kilometers with zero client casualties, zero client injuries, and zero lost client assets.